So what are our clients saying about Nycayen? The following reviews were posted on the social and business review website of YELP regarding Nycayen.

Sandy V.
Manhattan, NY

After losing contact with my former stylist because I had been weaving my hair for so long, I was very hesitant of trying any new stylists just off the block. I feared making any commitments, so I just started going to the Dominicans, which I really did not want to do because it is my opinion that they do not specialize in hair care. Additionally my hair had been so damaged from weaving that I come to the point that I had to find a stylist that was not only going to make my hair LOOK FABULOUS, but also make my hair LOOK and BE HEALTHLY.

NYCAYEN MOORE was ultimate answer to my search and prayers. After seeing the exceptional work he had done for this woman who had a short hair cut, I immediately scheduled an appointment with him on Christmas Eve. I arrived at the salon at about 11:30 am and to utmost amazement I was out of there by 1:15 p.m. WOW. I could not believe it. In all the years of getting my hair done, I have never been in and out of a salon. Going to the salon was like going through a whole day at work.

Nycayen adds to the tranquility and calmness and is great at creating an atmosphere of comfort and friendliness for his clients. In the process of doing your hair , Nycayen personalizes his time with you. I got a relaxer, a gorgeous short cut , and styled all in less than two hours. For me ,that was a breaking record. I had never been in and out of a salon in less than two hours. He did all the work and was straight to the point. On the other hand, my bill was a little pricey compared to the salon I 've been to in the past. However, considering the end results, especially the time spent it was worth it. I can definitely say I got not only my money's worth, but my time's worth with Nycayen Moore.

Thank you Nycayen.


Springfield, IL

Well let me start out by saying I LOVE MY STYLIST Nyck! no one has ever done my hair like this not only is my hair healthy but it is beautiful to! I have found my stylist for life! he was so helpful in explaining to me what he was doing i felt like i was at home if you’re ever in the area you have got to check him out thanks Nyck!


Stacy B.
Manhattan, NY

Hair salons in New York are a dime a dozen and there are some wonderful salons and hair stylists in the NYC. Nycayen Moore is one of those wonderful stylists and the actual salon offers an attractive and inviting environment that I will be returning to. I patronized the salon for a virgin relaxer and short haircut. Nycayen completed the job by giving me one of the funkiest haircuts I've ever had. The amount of compliments I received because of this cut left me blushing for days. This is my new salon...so much so that I've already scheduled my next two week appointment!


Dawn B.
Alexandria, VA

Five seconds outside of my salon experience with Nycayen Moore, and I already had several stares and a couple compliments! I found Nycayen on Yelp during my visit from DC.

From the time I stepped in the salon, I felt at ease. Nycayen has a wonderful spirit and was very attentive. Leaving the salon, I wasn't particularly sure about the style because it was so different from any style I've ever worn. However, all my friends loved it and it was a no fuss no muss style- which every girl loves!

Thanks, Nycayen! I definitely recommend him!

Natasha H.
New York, NY

Went today for the first time for a permanent color and Nycayen Moore hooked me up! He seriously rocks and knows how to work the iron :o) I can't wait to go back. My hubby says this is the best my hair has looked since going to NY stylists and I couldn't agree more. Run, don't walk to see Nycayen; you won't be disappointed.


Camara P.
Manhattan, NY

Honestly, I couldn't believe it. The combination of his work, personality, kindness and general concern for your hair is what will keep me going to him. I thought I was going to have to brave the hot blowouts for the rest of my life and now I don't have to. There is so much more I can say but I don't know if there is space for that, so here go my favorite things.

1. Reasonable prices (for a wash and press, I'm not a weave girl, so you'll have to see for yourself on that).

2. He was waiting on me and I was a few minutes early. Now that's rare.

3. You can use your pay pal account to pay for your services. I love some good technology.

4. Nycayen is so friendly and you can see in him that he only wants the best for you and your hair.

Overall, this was one of the greatest hair experiences I've ever had. I'm grateful.


Jean G.
New York, NY

I've been seeing Nycayen for about 4 months and my hair has never looked better. He pays attention to the wants and needs of his clients. My hair has started growing tremendously since he has become my stylist.

I get many compliments when I leave the salon and a few days after due to his talented work.

I've referred my daughter and sister-in-law to him and both are now regular clients.

He is gifted and has the best personality ever. Visiting him not only makes me look terrific but also lifts my spirits. As long as I'm a resident of NY, Nycayen will be my only stylist.


Sabrina L.
Manhattan, NY

I had been wearing my hair natural for a decade; then I used a relaxer for the last year; but frankly my hair, my look reflected the work mode that I was in...and I needed a change. Thank goodness for the universe; I started Googling; researching salons; stylists; then I came to yelp; read the rave reviews about Nycayen Moore; watched his you tube videos and loved what I saw. Even though I have been in a rut, I knew what I was willing to do and not do. I made an appointment with Nycayen, liked him immediately. He knows HAIR and after examining your HAIR, he knows how to bring out your best but not having you look like a video vixen. Nycayen brought me back to life; brought out the bounce in my spirit. Brought out the best part of me. A ME that does not look like everyone else. NYCAYEN is a Keeper!