November 2011
Volume 1, Edition 3

by Nycayen Moore - Master Hairstylist


I am dedicating this entire Issue to Color! I'm talking about an instant transformation. Hair Color! I also have a few additional hair care tips to keep you in full, shinny and beautiful healthy hair as well!

Color: Transforming your Look instantly!

Changing your hair color is the best and easiest way for an instant makeover. You can totally transform your look and rock like a runway model for this coming 2012. Meet the New Year with hair colors that are hot and trendy in 2012.

The beauty of the selection of hair color trends for 2012 is that there are enough colors or shades that will complement every woman’s skin tone. It's just a matter of knowing what suits your skin tone best and Voila! A new beautiful you will emerge!

Encouraged by trends over the years, hair color for all women has progressed to become a form of self-expression as well as a beauty ritual. Women all over the world rely on hair color as a tool for expressing their individuality and covering up imperfections. Since African American hair tends to be naturally dry, it is important to understand some fundamental rules about the hair coloring process. This can help prevent hair damage and result in the color of your dreams.

Consider the Types of Hair Color:

There are various types of color formulated to change the hair from one shade to another. For ethnic hair, though all of these formulas are safe to use, some are more appropriate than others. Therefore, it is important to use the correct brands to ensure you maintain your healthy hair.

Color Rinses:

Gentle and easy to use, these ammonia- and peroxide-free hair rinses are predominantly used to add shine and depth. The color rinse is a great option for individuals who don't have time to visit salons regularly; it can easily be maintained at home. It is also safe to use on relaxed hair, but since it washes out over time, it must be reapplied every few weeks. Note that color rinses do not lighten the hair.

Temporary Colors:

By virtue of their name, temporary hair colors last only until your next shampoo. Similar to rinses, they don't lighten hair and are completely chemical-free. These colors are essentially "paint" for your hair; they only coat the strands, so they are also safe to use on relaxed hair.

Semi-permanent Colors:

Similar to color rinses and temporary formulas, semi-permanent colors have the added advantage of longevity. The color is applied to the hair and then "sealed" with heat from a dryer for half an hour. Again, these colors are also chemical-free and safe to use on processed hair. Note, however, that they do not change color drastically and typically only last between six to twelve shampoos.

Demi-permanent Colors:

Demi-permanent colors contain a small amount of peroxide, but do not contain ammonia. Therefore, they can't lighten the hair, but they can enhance the natural color and cover grays well. This type of color also lasts through at least 24 shampoos.

Permanent Colors:

Best applied by a professional, permanent color provides you with a significant change and utilizes both ammonia and peroxide. The color does not wash out and only fades as the hair grows out. Touch-ups every four to six weeks are recommended to cover roots. For ethnic hair, it is especially important to see a colorist, particularly if the hair has been processed in some way.

ethnic hair nyc  

Red Hair Color:

Flaming red hair is a real traffic-stopper. For the bold and the daring, there are several sizzling red hair colors to choose from. There is the fire-engine red, orange-tinged red , copper red and even the more subtle auburn hues. During the fall and winter, shades of red hair are especially popular. Look to shades that are rich and deep, such as burgundy and warm wine. A hint or purple can add an edgy twist to the look.



blonde hair  


Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair will always be a big favorite, but much more so this coming 2012. Platinum blonde is still the hottest blonde color so are caramel blonde, strawberry blonde and golden blonde. Subtle hints of gold can add new depth to dark hair. During the warmer months of the year, it adds a fresh, light element to the hair. Blonde hair is the ultimate in glamour and allure, whatever shades you choose but make sure that it is the blonde shade that will be perfect for your skin tone.


brown hair 1

Brown Hair Color:

Brown is one warm hair tone that is flattering to almost any skin tone. It is another hot hair color trend for 2012. Add subtle red highlights to it, and enliven your brown hair color. Brown hair color range from chocolate brown to chestnut brown and can be as light and as dark as you want it. A deep glossy brown hair exudes elegance and chic that is totally alluring.



African American/Black Hair Care Tips:

African-American/Black hair in general is more brittle, coarser, dryer and curlier (nappy) than those of non-African decent. Because of this, hair care for a Caucasian would be different than for an African, who needs to be more careful when treating his/her hair because it is more delicate.

In Closing:

As I finish this 3rd edition of my Newsletter, I just want to thank all my loyal clients again for your patronage as I continue to grow my business here in New York City. You all truly bring me great joy and I always look forward to your visit and helping you with your hair care and styling. And as always a recommendation to a new potential client means the world to me! I am smiling really big right now!

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