Should individuals with natural, uncolored hair use different hair color products than those who have previously colored their hair?

It depends on the desired result. If you are coloring your hair for the first time and only want to enhance your natural color, try a Demi-Permanent (lasts through 28 shampoos) product close to your natural hair color. If you want to go lighter, you need to select a Permanent (lasts until your hair grows out or you recolor) hair color.

Should people who want to cover gray hair use different coloring products than those who don't need coverage?

Most hair color products will blend or cover gray hair to some degree. If you have a small percentage of gray (not very visible), use a Semi-Permanent (lasts through 8-12 shampoos) product. If you have a higher percentage of gray hair (up to 50%), use a Demi-Permanent (lasts through 28 shampoos) product,, which will blend away gray hair. On the other hand, if you have a lot of gray and want to cover it completely, use a Permanent (lasts until your hair grows out or you recolor) product.

How do I dramatically lighten my hair?

If your hair color is a light brown or lighter, you can use a Permanent (lasts until you grow out your hair or recolor) hair color in a high-lift blonde shade to get a dramatic-looking blonde. If your natural hair color is a medium brown or darker, and you want to be a blonde, you will have to use double-process bonding. Another option is highlighting. Highlighting products create natural-looking highlights on selected strands of hair. The look can be bold and dramatic or soft and subtle.

How can I test-run a color before committing to coloring my entire head of hair?

Strand test is a simple method for you to test hair color on a portion of your hair before doing the entire application. It's an important step because it's the only way to see exactly how the shade you selected works with your starting hair color to achieve the resulting color. A strand test will also help you determine the exact timing you'll need to color your whole head.


I would like to perm and color my hair to have a new look. Can I do both on the same day, or is it better to do one before the other?

I recommend that you perm first to ensure that the perming process will not interfere withy our newly applied color. If you're using a Permanent (lasts until your hair grows out or you recolor) hair color, wait 7-10 days and shampoo at least once before coloring.

Some Semi-Permanent (lasts though 8-12 shampoos) and Demi-Permanent (lasts through 28 shampoos) hair colors can be used the same day as your perm-as long as your scalp is not irritated and is in good condition.

Either way, make sure you do a stand test before coloring your hair. Perms and relaxers can leave hair more porous and allow color to be absorbed faster.

Should I get my hair cut before or after coloring?

We recommend cutting your hair first and then coloring it. And, of course, your color will enhance your cut.

Does the length of my hair make any difference in the amount of hair color I will need?

Absolutely. If your hair is below shoulder length or very thick, you may need extra to fully saturate your hair. Also, keep in mind that the ends of long hair tend to absorb more color, so the timing may be different for your ends. So make sure you do your strand test.

If I'm going to color my hair, when should I shampoo it?

You generally shouldn't shampoo immediately before coloring because this will remove the natural oils that protect your scalp during the coloring process.

It's best to shampoo 12-24 hours before coloring with a Semi-Permanent (lasts through 8-12 shampoos) or Demi-Permanent (lasts through 28 shampoos) product; shampoo 24 hours prior to using Permanent (lasts until your hair grows out or you recolor).

Can I mix shades?

Yes, but the hair advice we generally give is that, for best results, you mix shades no more than 2-3 shades lighter or darker than each other. In other words, you wouldn't want to mix a blonde and a black together. Also, you should mix the same brand of shade.

If lately I've been noticing that the bottom of my hair is darker or lighter than the top. Why?

This effect sometimes happens if you don't do touch-up applications. If you apply hair color to your entire head of hair whenever you see roots, you'll end up with coloring the older, more porous ends of your hair, which will result in color build-up.

Once coverage is more uniform, do a retouch application. First, apply color to your roots only. Five minutes before processing ends, color the rest of your hair, if necessary.


Use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair. Avoid exposing your hair to the sun. Remember that the sun is a natural hair lightener, and overexposure can cause hair to fade or even change color.

Shampoo or rinse your hair immediately after swimming in chlorine or salt water. Chemicals left in the hair can accelerate fading, especially when mixed with the sun.

Can you color your hair too often?

Demi-Permanent hair color will last up to 28 shampoos—if you wash your hair every day, that's about 4 weeks. Permanent (lasts until your hair grows out or you recolor) hair color should be refreshed when your roots start to show, about 4-6 weeks.