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Working with custom-designed hair extensions, we can provide you with the best options which are as unique as you. We offer many different types of extensions, as well as many different application methods. During your complimentary consultation, we will determine the right extension for your lifestyle.

Customized for your needs, we offer a variety of hair extension textures and types. Together, we’ll select the best one for you.

Your extensions are matched to a sample of your own hair, so the color, texture and wave pattern blend perfectly. As 100% human hair, they can be styled any way and colored as well. Your hair is cut and styled along with your extensions to ensure seamless integration.

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With over 12 years of professional experience, research and development Nycayen can guarantee your complete satisfaction.

If you are not sure if extensions are right for you, please feel free to call or come in for a free consultation. An appointment is necessary, so please be sure to call 347.556.3860 to schedule your appointment.

If you have thin hair, you still can have extensions installed. In fact, after your extensions are installed, you will be completely transformed. But, please be sure to schedule a consultation first so we can inform you and guide you along the way and explain the process and what you can expect after the installation is complete.

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The following article was published in Nycayen's Newsletter. It addresses several important facts and advice regarding the installation of hair extensions:

"So we have all walked down the streets of Manhattan or been in a social setting and there it is, an unbelievable weave taking advantage of an unsuspecting young lady. Don’t fall victim to a bad weave. Educate yourself and learn how you can arm yourself against the possibility of ever having a bad weave!

As a stylist who has been working with extensions for over 11 years, I would like to share with you a few important facts and helpful hints regarding installing extensions (also referred to as a “weave”). For those of you who may not know, a weave is the process of attaching additional hair to your natural hair for extra length or fullness. Once the extra hair is attached, it can be styled (including a cut or new color if desired) along with your natural hair for a great new look that looks natural! No will ever have to know it’s not your hair.

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As the demand for weaves and extensions grows, I am receiving more phone calls and emails from potential clients looking for a well qualified and experienced hairstylist in the art of installing and maintaining extensions. From the East coast to West coast, women from all over the country are searching for stylists who are not only masters of installing extensions, but also masters of installing a weave without damaging their existing hair.

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There are several key factors to consider when making decisions about your weave which can greatly affect how well your hair will look once your weave is installed. One of the main factors is the hair type to be used in the installation process. Purchasing the hair for your extensions is not cheap! Depending on the quality of the hair you decide to install (and how much, i.e. the fullness you desire in your new hair style) and how you have them installed can vary the cost of your weave from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands.

For real human hair extensions, finding the hair types that match your own existing hair well and which will also make good extensions is key. There are businesses who sell bad human hair that is brittle, too thin or dry. You should always ask to see the hair before you decide to purchase it so you can inspect it for yourself. A very common and loosely used term is "Remy". There is a lot of hype associated with the term "Remy ", but to a stylist it simply means the cuticle is going the same way. That said your hair extensions should always be Remy. I find it to be a bit of a marketing ploy because to the typical first time customer it sounds like you are getting something magical or amazing. This is misleading. Another key factor is using the virgin hair. Virgin hair has not been chemically treated and thus it is more likely not to mat or become dry. With that said, then the best hair type to purchase when you are shopping for the hair for your weave is “Virgin Remy hair”.

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The next step is to find a hairstylist who is experienced in the installation process. Be sure to speak to the stylist and ask the following questions:

There are several ways to install extensions, so be sure to ask which method your hairstylist prefers as stated above. Personally, I prefer to use the braiding and sewing technique. This method involves braiding your existing hair down to your scalp and then literally sewing on the hair extensions to your braids. When installing extensions with this method, it is important the hairstylist braids your existing hair well and also leaves out predetermined sections of your existing hair to blend in with your new extensions. I believe this method is the most comfortable for you and the best for allowing your natural hair to grow.

There are other methods to install extensions, so be sure to ask your stylist about the methods they prefer and how it will affect you. Some methods for installing extensions involve attaching the new hair to your existing hair with a bonding agent. Be sure to ask how your stylist will remove your extensions and whether or not any damage could occur to your existing hair. Adding hair extensions should never be painful or leave you in an awkward position with your own hair after they are removed.

The final factor to consider when deciding on installing a weave is good hair care and proper maintenance after the installation process. Now that your extensions have been installed, you should be sure to take good care of your new hair and your existing natural hair. Human hair extensions can be treated as real hair, but with more care and a gentle touch. Use a special brush (often a loop brush) made just for extensions, so you don't damage the new hair or the bond. A gentle shampoo is recommended, and use cool water when you wash your hair to help minimize tangles. Furthermore, a light conditioner will help reduce tangling and keep your new hair supple. Additionally, sleep with your hair in a ponytail or braid to avoid bed-head and/or knots. And most importantly, be sure to visit your hairstylist for leveling the extensions as your natural hair grows out. You may need to go back to your stylist to have your weave tighten and adjusted as your natural hair grows out under your extensions. Following these key factors will help keep hair extensions looking great along with your natural hair!